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NYPD beat up and arrest teenage girl and her brother in Times Square for no reason.


Literally nauseous. I can’t even deal with this.

This is what’s wrong with our justice system.

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Teenager Israel Hernandez Tasered To Death By Miami Beach Cops After Getting Caught Tagging →



He was a great guy. Artistic as hell. He had a vision, helped people change their perspective on things. Where’s the justice in tasing him to death?

my poor friend was killed by the cops. i have some really great memories with this kid :-( this is very hard for all of us to take in. please spread this!

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I hate you a little more with everyday. Fuck you for doing this to me again, ten fold.

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For the first time I know what it’s like to have had sex and feel completely unloved. I hate you for that.

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I used to be such a strong person. Despite depressions dark cloud, I always kept on. I just don’t see that light at the end of this tunnel. I was finally happy. I fell in love with my best friend. There was happiness, trust, love, and so much laughter. We built a life together, and I finally felt that comfort and security that I hadn’t felt since I was really young. I don’t know how to accept this. I don’t know how to move on again, in every sense. I feel like I’m stuck in an anxiety attack. I cry all the time, it’s basically my new hobby. I’m sick to my stomach when I think about this all being thrown away. So stressed that I can’t keep any food in for long. What do you do when the people you love, forget to love you back. How do you pick yourself back up. & then uproot your entire life yet again? I can’t seem to find the answer to this one.

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Your all Iv ever wanted or had. & I fear the unknown.

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All I want is for everything to be play, but i fear this time it wont be.

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Mrs Lovington - 2012Black biro on Mulberry bark paper 


Mrs Lovington - 2012

Black biro on Mulberry bark paper 

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